It’s sometimes amazing to me that the things that seem new have actually been known forever.  Even Plato knew about the benefits of exercise, but we’re still (…some of us – well, let’s be honest – ME) fighting it.

I know that when I exercise, everything is better.  I sleep better.  I’m less moody.  I have more energy and focus during the day.  I don’t get headaches, or cramps, or other ailments to the same degree.  Yet some days it’s still hard to get off the couch.

One thought on “Quotable

  1. Tell me about it! I specifically set my alarm early to go for a run, but once I woke up, it took me a full half hour to convince myself to actually leave!

    Sometimes for motivation, I like going on Pinterest and finding a fitness poster that really resonates with me (unfortunately, also a really good way to waste time…). Or I’ll start listening to my workout playlist right away, to get me in the butt-kicking frame of mind.

    Good luck on your happiness project! I’ve just started my own as well, and exercise is definitely one of my resolutions!

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