Are you comfortable going out in public alone?

Not going to the mall or running errands, but say, going to a restaurant?  Or a concert?

Last night there was a concert in town I really wanted to see.  Two of my favorite artists from the 80s.  I didn’t have someone to go with me, so I passed.

I travel a lot for work, and while I eat a lot of room service (or even better, bring and prepare my own food), I’ve gotten used to going to a busy restaurant with a book or work project and eating a meal by myself.  I like to people watch, and eating alone can be a good excuse for that if you don’t end up feeling creepy staring at others.

It’s not natural though.  I’m not totally at peace at a table for one.

Thing is, you HAVE to eat.  You don’t have to listen to music, or go to the ballet.  But those types of things enrich your life.  They create memories that you carry with you.

Last night, when the concert was going on, I found myself wondering what songs were playing, who I might have known there, and I wonder if I cheated myself out of something.

One thought on “Solo

  1. I’ve gotten pretty used to eating alone, though mostly at “fast food”-type places — that is, not sit-down restaurants. I just take my books and phone, and I’m typically fine! I would have a hard time going to a concert alone, though; I don’t think I would do that, either. It sucks to miss out on things, I agree, but I think I would feel sad not to have anyone to share the event with. Part of the fun is dancing/singing together and rehashing the whole thing afterward!

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