Random Things – Weekday Matinee

movie theater


There’s something about going to the movies in the middle of a work day.  I feel sneaky and child-like.  It’s an excuse to get butter on your fingers and eat things my dietician would freak over if she knew.


Random Thing That Makes Me Happy

A Blank Slate

Since this blog exists in part to chronicle my attempts at expanding my joy, I thought it was appropriate to take time once a week to identify something specific that makes me happy.

One of those things is a blank slate.

I get excited by new beginnings.  Everything is possible when you have a new year, a new month, a new day.  I rejoice in the ability to recreate myself each morning.  I’m calmed by the fact that when I screw up, there’s always a chance to start over.

We can always start fresh.  For me, that is definitely something to be happy about!