The Best Fourth of July Song You’ve Never Heard (and four others)

Here in the states we’re celebrating Independence Day.  Today I’ve put together a little playlist.

The best Fourth of July song you’ve never heard:

My favorite sing-along for a backyard bbq: 

When I was a kid the amusement park always had a little stage show that ended with this song: 

Growing up, this song was always played right before the fireworks.  For some reason it always makes me tear up: 

My parents weren’t very big on TV.  We were the only kids at school who weren’t allowed to watch The Cosby Show.  We did get to watch the Boston Pops though.  Their Fourth of July concert will always hold a special place in my heart, and it just isn’t a true holiday without the 1812 Overture playing at the conclusion of the fireworks! 

Have a safe and blessed holiday!